June 28, 2009

North Kingdom creativity ads

I finished up the adds for North Kingdom last week, that will be printed on huge canvas backdrops and placed on the
main stage at "Trästock festivalen" a anual free music festival in Skellefteå. Below you can see a sketch of how they will
be placed on the left and right side of the stage.

I also made a screen capture time-lapse video of the process while making these illustrations,
you can view it below by clicking the image, or go to this link: Process time-lapse


Klas said...

Nice, kul och se timelapsen!

Kanske man skulle göra när man kodar.. lär ju bli skitkul att kolla på.. eller så inte.

Kenny said...

Hahaha ja varför inte :)

Unknown said...

what the first song?

Kenny said...

It's a Mash-up between Why? and Phoenix, by the Hood Internet; http://www.thehoodinternet.com/labels/why%3F.html