March 23, 2011

Glesbygd'n - Välkommen Hem

Glesbygd'n is a reagge band from the north of Sweden, that do reagge in an old local northern sweden dialect.
And here's their latest video; "Välkommen Hem", Directed by Victor Lindgren.
I just had a small part in this production, I made the animations for the mouth and eyes of the strange white flobby creatures in the video. Enjoy!

March 17, 2011

Norma Jean - Video

Just before the summer holidays hit us last year me and Linus over at Popcore film, shot this music video for US hardcore/punk act Norma Jean.
We shot it on a Canon 7D DSLR. It was the first time for me working with that camera, and I really enjoy it.
But the rolling shutter problem is quite anoying. Hopefully that will go away or at least get better with newer versions coming out.

Below you can see a behind the scenes clip we put together for the video.
Parts of it was shot with a time-lapse app for the iphone, great fun. hope you enjoy them both.

Artist: Norma Jean
Track: Deathbed atheist
Directed by: Popcore film and Kenny Lindström
Animations: Kenny Lindström
Shot on: Canon 7D

Back in business

Hey all. I'm finally back to work and will do my best to kick start this blog back into life again, it's been more or less dead for far to long now, I know. I've been away for about 7 months taking care of my kid, but now I'm back at work again. I will start posting some work from last year that I haven't gotten around to posting yet, I'm also working on some new cool things both animations and illustrations.

Teaser of some new cameleon illustration work. I'm working on getting some prints out there as well. 2011 will hold some nice things, stay tuned.