January 1, 2010

Cameleon portrait process pt.1

First post of the new year!
I'm working on a new illustration of a pile of cameleons coming together and forming a face. Above is a film from when I was drawing the linework. Music by DZR:P, check them out.

Since I could not fit the entire drawing in my scanner I had to scan it in parts and reassemble them on the computer afterwards.

Cleaning up the linework, there's always alot of dust and imperfections when you close enough to it.

So I cleaned it up digitally to get more clear lines.

Trying out a few different coloring options, not finished with that part yet stay tuned for the finished product.

The finished linework. I'm working on the coloring now. My aim is making this into a limited silkscreen poster print when it's done.
And possibly do a few more illustrations in the same series to go with it.
If anyone know of any good silkscreen artprint studios that will ship to Sweden, please let me know.