March 31, 2013

Showreel winter 2012-13

Check out my new showreel;

March 7, 2012


I thought it was about time I started posting some tribute drawings so here's the first one, from the movie Drive.
My two favorite films of 2011 was Drive and Melancholia. If you haven't seen them yet I highly recommend them both.

Hope you like the illustration, more to come.

Witnessing the orchestration of time

The new Soldier One album is out since last november, released on Mindblast records. Above is the space/math inspired artwork. It's based on the perception of time, and the from cover is a illustration of a math symbol called "a lightcone" the top part illustrates the future and the bottom half the past and the dot in the center the observer of time. For more info check out SoldierOne and Mindblast rec

New site in the works

Hey this has been forever I know. I'm working on a new portfolio site as well as a new blog. I hope it will be up and running soon, I was gonna wait and post some new stuff there but it seems it might still be a few weeks away so I'll post some stuff here anyway before switching to the new blog.

Anyway stay tunned :)

November 11, 2011

Norma Jean - Blueprints for future homes

I'm working on putting together a new portfolio site at the moment. So I've been going through a lot of old work files and sketches and stuff. And I found this old Norma Jean video I did together with Popcore back in 2006. I think it was the first music video I ever worked on. And I still really like it, anyway check it out above.

July 7, 2011


Finally! My first print is here. I'm so excited. The details on it looks amazing the printers did a great job.
It's screenprinted in 4 colors on 250 grams acid free paper, 50x70cm in size, in a limited edition of 70 copies.
And off cause hand numbered and signed. Check out some photos here below;

Also check out this making of clip of me in the process of drawing the original drawing for the print.
(I will make a post later on about the whole process of making it. stay tuned for that)

If you're interested in a print drop me a line at; iam(at)
Price; 330 SEK + shipping
p.s. right now I'm focusing on selling them in sweden and working on a webshop solution for worldwide orders.
Also here is a separate site I set up for the prints with bigger pictures; CHAMELEON PORTRAIT

July 4, 2011


Check out the documentary Megunica about Italian artist BLU's Journey through South America. Wired is streaming the movie for free for 30 days.

Check it out HERE, while it's still available.

June 19, 2011

Artist Proof

I been thinking about releasing art-prints for such a long time now, and now it's finally happening. This week I received the artist proof of my first art print :) And it's looking great, the details in the print work are amazing. It's a 4 color screen print on 250 grams acid free paper stock, 50 by 70cm, in a limited edition run of 70 copies. I'm so pleased with how this turned out and can't wait to get it out there. So stay tuned for more information on sales it will be available soon.

So this first print is the first illustration I made in my chameleon series, a portrait built up out of chameleons piled on top of each other. Below are a few photos of the artist proof.

June 17, 2011


Just finished this illustration the other week. It's an illustration for a folder about music rehearsal spaces and courses in music and so on. It folds in 2 places and stretches across the front and back of the folder so the half on the right is the outer 3 pages of the folder and the left half, are printed on the inside 3 pages, and then on top of that is a text layer with all the information.

Below are my original ink drawings before coloring, some of them didn't fit into the final composition.

I made a few different color suggestions so here are a few more, I think we ended up settling on the red one at the bottom. (click for bigger versions)

Creative Summit 2011

Been attending the annual Creative Summit conference in Skellefteå this week. Had a great time meeting up all the people from the North Kingdom Stockholm office. And checked out some interesting speakers. By far the coolest thing was Lorne Peterson's presentation, Lorne worked as a model maker at ILM for many many years, and is now retired since a few years back. He has worked on all the 6 Star Wars films and the Indiana Jones films, Alive, ET and a lot of other cool films. Great to hear him tell stories about how things where done, and different unexpected materials they used to achieve different looks and effects.