March 7, 2012


I thought it was about time I started posting some tribute drawings so here's the first one, from the movie Drive.
My two favorite films of 2011 was Drive and Melancholia. If you haven't seen them yet I highly recommend them both.

Hope you like the illustration, more to come.

Witnessing the orchestration of time

The new Soldier One album is out since last november, released on Mindblast records. Above is the space/math inspired artwork. It's based on the perception of time, and the from cover is a illustration of a math symbol called "a lightcone" the top part illustrates the future and the bottom half the past and the dot in the center the observer of time. For more info check out SoldierOne and Mindblast rec

New site in the works

Hey this has been forever I know. I'm working on a new portfolio site as well as a new blog. I hope it will be up and running soon, I was gonna wait and post some new stuff there but it seems it might still be a few weeks away so I'll post some stuff here anyway before switching to the new blog.

Anyway stay tunned :)