August 6, 2010

Kitchen collaboration - NK STOCKHOLM

This spring me and Robert Lindström did this illustration together. It will be put up on a wall in the kitchen at the North Kingdom office in Stockholm.

Robert worked on the overall concept/art direction and the girl on the left, and I did the octopus and jelly fish on the right.

Here's the first sketch that I received from Robert, and by that my starting point.

At one time it was just going to be jelly fish in the right area but we decided on a octopus as well to give it more life and for me to bring something more to this concept. Here's the first sketch I did, but it didn't feel just right.

So I reworked the octopus into a new style. But I liked that the octopus is asking her for a cup of coffee :) so that I kept.

Here's the flat colored version, mashed up with Roberts illustration.

A Close-up of Roberts part.

A close-up of my section, with textures and shadows.

The final piece. Click to view bigger, that goes for all pictures :)
Check out Roberts blog post about this illustration as well over at his blog.