October 28, 2008

Save the children, illustrations

I just remember that I forgot to post the finished illustrations from my latest project for "save the children" sweden. I was commissioned to produces 1 cover illustration and 5 additional illustrations for a handbook used in discussion groups for young males in school to help them discus diffrent hard to discuse subjects.

I was asked to use alot of colour and I focus on diffrent of discussion topics included in the handbook. So I made these series of illustrations focused around diffrent "clouds" of speach bubbles, thoughts, opinos and questions. I scanned alot of aquarell textures that I used for the coloured segments to get a more flowing and organic feeling to the illustrations.

The faces of the characters where suppose to be rather subtle and unrecognizable, there of no eyes and hair.

This last one is the front cover of the handbook, the right side is the front and then it spreads over to the back on the left. Some additional graphics was later added by the layout designer, such as logos and informative texts about the content not seen in this version.

October 27, 2008

me circa me

Working on a self portrait, probably the first self portrait I've made or well the first I've made without being pushed to make one at school I guess, some 10 years ago. Anyway it's turning out rather nice will post the finished version in a week or so, stay tuned :)

Me and my trusty assistant mr. Lego :) keeping track of all that paperwork on his mini laptop :)

October 21, 2008

Pillar of salt

Continuing the work on the posters adding some elements to one of them cause I felt it was lacking something, getting closer now almost done :)

I've found some nice "articles" about creativity and illustration and work process that I found interesting I though I would share.
First of Jilllian Tamaki's words on idea generation: read here
and one of my favourite illustrators Frank Stockton writting about inspiration and influences: read here

October 14, 2008

work in progress

Ok Thought I would share some sceenshots again of some work in progress for you all. First of is a quick sneak preview of my new portfolio site I'm working on. It's been like 3 years or even more I think since I updated my current site so it is definatly in need of a face lift. More news to come from that in the following weeks.

Picked up the work on this robot illustrations series I was working on ages ago so it's almost almost done now so close :) I can't belive I never got this finished earlier. But alot of hours has gone into them so will be nice to finally have them completed.


October 12, 2008

linocut part 2

Ok here we go, first off I made the classic pencil trick you use to do as a child with coins, just to check the print to se if more work was needed on it.

Ok getting ready for test printing.

Hmmm ok lets go with blue paint.

Hmmm didn't really turned out so great, guessing to much paint and bad paper, hmm though this would be easier but I guess it will take some testing before getting it just right.

Tryed out some other japanese lino paper later with diffrent paint kind of got better but still not what I was hoping for will have to try again when it has dryed.
to be continued...


October 11, 2008

linocut 01

Ok been wanting to get into linocut printing for awhile now, so today I finally started on my first or well I made like 2 linocuts back in school 10 years ago or something like that, anyway great fun, but I think I started of with something a bit to detailed. But it's a first test so we'll see where it leads, more updates soon. anyone else into linoprints? let me know maybe we could do some art swaps later on :)


Uploaded my first workspace photos to the deskography site, it a new site that collects images of peoples work desks, love these sorts of photos :) but would love to see more artist studios that would be nice.

check out the site here: deskography

A custom painted Munny toy from kid robot that I made for Maria, as a Christmas present last year. Turned out nice even thou I accidentally or stupidly forgot to read the label on the suposedly "varnish" spraycan, wich turned out to be spray glue!!! not fun but after about 10 layers of new varnish spray I got around it so well woun't make that mistake again for sure haha.

wide shot of my desk at home. Art on the left by Erik Hurst, art on the upper right by Molly Abrahamsen.

Soldier one - photoshoot

Photos from a beach photoshoot with soldier one this summer.

Photos by: Pär Olofsson, check out his portfolio their are some behind the scene photos from the shoot posted their as well.


October 9, 2008

This was suppose to be the future

Got some new records today, finally got the Ampere, discography and latest Haram record, great stuff. Someones tail got in th way of the photo hehe :)
check out their myspace:


Playing the new wipeout HD, great futuristic racing game.

And the new megaman 9, was released a few weeks ago, so so cool, it's exatly like the megaman 2 for the NES, this is a stroke of genius :) great music and gameplay.

run run run...

Found these old concept sketches I did for popcore for a Gnarls Barkley music video treatment, but the job then ended up going to someone else, was great fun sketching on thou.

October 3, 2008

Bio Marx, poster

So the Bio Marx posters are done, I like this first version (above), but it had to be cut down to this final version (below), to get a more informative appearance.