February 11, 2010


I started working on the first drawing of a new series of illustrations today. I've been thinking about this for some time now and I'm very excited to see what it will end up looking like when it's done. And I have plans for a bunch more in the same series when this one is done.
Anyone who wants to take a guess on what this fist sketch is suppose to resemble? :)

My cat likes to be the center of attention, it's kind of hard to work when he ends up sitting on my drawings or falling asleep on top of them :P

Also I just read about this new documentary "Waking sleeping beauty", sounds like a great film I can't wait to see it. It's about the Disney animation studio between the years 1984 and 1994.
More info about the film can be found over at firstshowing

February 6, 2010

Two new illustrations

I recently finished two new illustrations for the youth branch of Swedish; Save the children.
They wanted two illustrations about gender roles and the norms that restrain us.
The first one is an illustration about breaking free from norms and gender roles.

And this second one is about; how we are molded into different gender roles in different situations. So for example the line of crosses represents biological gender, the line of pyramids; legal gender, the cylinder line; social gender, and so on. And how some fit into these roles and some don't and some are more or less trapped in them. And in the end of the lines it's transformed into a new shape representing all different types of gender roles in one single shape.

Click images to view larger.

February 1, 2010

Soldier One 7 inch

The first Soldier one 7" vinyl is finally released, limited to 300 copies, 150 on white with a hint of black marble vinyl, and 150 on blue vinyl. A few of these come in a even more mixed look like the blue/white. More info: