August 17, 2007

cries and whispers

Haven't updated the blogg in awhile been over the top busy with work. But Thought I would put up a rough base I made for a friends tattoo, The bird originaly isn't my design I just reworked it a bit changed the wings and made it more easy to understand since the only reference he had was this low res image of a inverted tshirt print

Todays soundtrack: Venetian snares - hospitality

August 8, 2007

the inventor's appendix

Got my order from the Astropitch today.
The latest Subtle 12" on red vinyl. A Themselves tee, and Doseones latest cd "soft skulls" that consists of him reading poems from the forthcoming subtle, themselves, and 13&god records and a few classic poems and a few other things :)
Great stuff anyway, Doseone is by far my favorite poet very inspiring and strange stuff :) I hope he will make a sequel to his book "the pelt" one day, not to far from now.

"the photophobic poet has onehundred dollars to his name
and must go see both the dentist and the therapist.
and both does he desperately need"

/ doseone - the pelt

"twinkle twinkle

There will be no ape with a fire for a face
singing a word like fate while banging a fork on a plate
no gates no stakes no plants that are fake…
just the simple tetrahedron and it's vagina of states.
did you really think that hydrogen was made to make apes…
or maybe made to make an ape to make a net for catching whales in space…

and that's why we whale

I'm crack some ink
hugging the rock
wind wound around bone…
every raindrop calling earthsick."

/ doseone - subtle 2006

August 4, 2007

john butler trio

The new John Butler Trio video was released this week. Popcore film asked me to help them out animating some streetart-ish gig posters on walls in a urban setting. The posters would feature the band members singing and playing the song. We spent some really long workdays to get it done in time. Anyway I think it turned out nice :) hope you like it.
Have a look for yourself:

Here's a quicktime version of the video:

August 2, 2007

Earth Intruder - process

I thought I would share some pictures of the process of making the "earth intruder" illustration / canvas print for the blackout creations artshow in Florida themed/called "robot invasion".

01. Well actually first I drew some thumbnail sketches but I couldn't find them anywhere and I'm usually really good at archiving and saving stuff :) but anyway here's the first pencil sketch I drew. A rough sketch basicly.

02. I re-drew a few lines on a different paper to be able to see it more clearly. Just some rough outlines.

03. After that I took out my light board and traced the lines of the sketch into a more precise and more detailed drawing and added all the details in. This was done with a few difrent types of markers on acid free paper

04. I then made a few difrent papers with ink and a brush to get some textures and layers to use when I would later colour the illustration on the computer, above are a few examples.

And Oh yeah as usual my cat "Lego" likes to get in the way, whatever I might be doing :)

05. I then scanned the drawings into the computer and started vectorizing the inked artwork in Flash to get a more perfect look and feel of the lines, I like them to feel hand drawn but still exact not like shaky and unbalanced that can happen when you use the original inked drawing especially when you are going to make a huge print of it and blow it up like 4 or 5 times its orginal size. Above are the final line work after it has been vectorized.

06. After that I got everything into photoshop and started coloring everything. Brought in the brush strokes I made earlier and some other textures and made some extra brush strokes that I scanned into the computer and used as well. Above you can see the finished piece.

07. Then it was sent to the printers and here's a picture of the finished print. Printed on canvas and mounted on a framework 100 x 70 cm. I'm pleaces with the way it turned out and the printer did a great job the colours got really good when printed :) looks great that big and colorful.

A mystery inside worlds within worlds...

I just finished watching the latest David Lynch movie. I'm a huge Lynch fan and have been waiting to see this movie for so long now. I absolutely loved it. It's so strange and mysterious and scary it's like you're watching someones 3 hour long nightmare, with worlds within worlds within worlds within movies within movies within movies :) Well if you've seen Mulholland drive and did not enjoy that this film is not for you. This is like a more complicated and bizarre version of that film. Anyway some seens are just brilliant and I love that he put it some parts of his mini series "rabbits" to.

Here is the UK trailer on youtube: