March 29, 2008

deep puddle dynamics

Just finished the mock up of the Picnic with panic logotype, and I thought I would share some previews of one of the t-shirts of the new picnic with panic collection I'm working on, will be available in a couple of months, this one is called "flawless".

"the taste of rain... why kneel?"

Some more pics from the process of the DZR:P video I'm working on, right now I'm making background illustration for a earth zoom sequence, as well as skyscraper illustrations for a camera pan through a city skyline that will set off the video. Still lot of work left on the earth zoom backgrounds will post more pictures when I have more to show.

March 27, 2008

a banana who grabs bananas and runs?

Thought I would post a few sketches of a music video I'm working on for my friends band "DZR:P". These are a few character sketches there will be a few more characters in there as well. The video will be for the song "Oh milk duds". More to come soon.

If you still know nothing about the "banana grabber family" go get the Arrested development dvd boxsets and laugh yourself silly :)

March 25, 2008

Where's mr Nemo?

Finally finished :) Next one coming up sooner than later I hope!

March 19, 2008

saturday comes faster than you expect

Screenshot from photoshop while working on a illustration I've had in the works for to long now, but it's almost finished now, before the week is out :)

And here is a illustration I finished this week for a enviorment event called Nolia livsstil.

more stuff coming soon I promise :)

Music tip of the week; if you haven't checked out the new album from "why?" yet go do it now, great album! looking forward to seeing him play live in stockholm a few months from now.

March 1, 2008

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Some drawing of jellyfish, I made today. This is going to be a part of another illustration that I will post later on. Usually this sort of thing would be a big process for me, first drawing them by hand then scanning, cleaning up, and vectorising the line work. But I've started to work more and more in illustrator so I made these directly in illustrator saving me huge amounts of time, and I think they turned out really good, so I guess I should work more with illustrator in the future :)