November 15, 2010

Kitchen collaboration pt.2

Robert just updated his blog with some new photos of our collaboration, So I thought I would post them here too. Check out his post here for more information.

Photos by Robert Lindström

November 5, 2010

Picnic time

So it's getting colder and colder here, and I'm starring out the window and the snow is falling once again. Time to get ready for 6 months of winter. Anyway it's about time to bring life to this blog again. First up is a illustration I made back in the early summer, for a invitation-card to a picnic celebrating the birth of our daughter Myra.

I really like how some of the characters turned out, might just see more of them in the future.

Here are the first few character sketches.

And a rough layout sketch.

The final inked piece.

November 3, 2010


Sometimes it can be a bit hard to draw when you have a overly social cat :)