January 19, 2008

New years eve

Vegan "smörgåstårta" it's starting to get formed into a tradition, think we've been eating it the last 3 new years. Insanely tasty. :)

Went by some friends party, found Christian on the stage singen "holly diver" karaoke :) lots of fun :)

Ok next up will be more serious posts with some work previews :)
so stay tunned.

Recording session

We recorded 13 new soldier one, songs during the holidays. Or well everything but the guitar. Lots of fun, but I had a huge cold and drank the and juice all day long and I manage to save my throat ok even thou the continuous screaming.

ssssssurgeon please...

The equipment, all you need a computer, a microphone, kaoss pad 2, and metavox vocoder :)

Diiiiiiistorting vocals :)

Making crazy sounds with the kaoss pad.

Sneak peak at some lyrics, crazy ramblings, quotes, and stolen phrases, and mathematics.

ok maybe it's time for a break, and watch some "curb your enthusiasm" :)

And we're done :) Ok there's still guitar, and mixing, and then mastering to be done so I'm guessing it's a few months away still...

January 18, 2008

Another Part Of The Clown's Brain

Best of 2007 lists

- inland empire
- the fountain
- brick
- I'm a cyborg but that's ok
- Stranger than fiction
- Curb your enthusiasm (ok it's not a movie)

Books (read during 2008)
- Lunar park
- Sphere
- I am legend
- the fountain.

- M.I.A. - kala
- Logh - North
- Doseone - Skeleton Repellent
- Coco rosie - The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn
- Thee more shallows - Book of bad breaks
- EL-p - I'll sleep when you're dead
- Snöras - Heart of Weakness
- Comeback kid - Broadcasting
- Royal downfall - These Means Have No End
- Neurosis - Given to the Rising

Best concerts
- Neurosis
- Gorilla biscuits, reunion show
- Busdriver
- Breach, reunion show
- Nesseria

...for the Advancement of Mankind

Ok I've been really bad at using the blog the last few weeks. First of all my computers been at the repair shop for 4 weeks grrr, they said it would at the most be 2 weeks but ended up being 4, anyway here are some pics from the season holidays more or less boring but I promise there will be some work posts soon :)

We played the Star Wars T.P. game, great fun for starwars fans but still rather hard questions, man o man I wish their was a seinfeld T.P. game, I would rule that haha :)

Lego didn't really understand the scifi craze and had a silent sleeping protest on the floor :)