November 30, 2008

Al Hirschfeld

Just had to share this wonderful video I found on youtube of Al Hirschfeld, one of my big idols when it comes to illustration. In this movie he is 99 years old and still drawing such beautiful illustrations :) I hope I will still be drawing when I'm 99 years old :) and have a nice big white beard just as Al :)

November 29, 2008

Those dancing days grammy nomination

The nominations for the swedish grammies where anouced this week, and the "those dancing days" video I co made with popcore films, got a nomination for the MTV price, which is like the music video of the year. Go vote for it here!

Those dancing days - Home sweet home from picnicwithpanic on Vimeo.

November 23, 2008

"Whisper optional"

Slowly taking form deep under a surface near you :)

November 16, 2008

under the sea...

Started working on a new illustration this weekend. Have had this in my mind for some time now and eventually got around to start on it. It's gonna be a underwater scene with lots of animals, more screenshots will follow as it evolves. If you wonder why I usually use verry bright and strange colors when working out the forms and shapes of illustrations it's just that I find it much easier to distinguish the difrent parts from each other when working, the at the end of the process I go on to laying out the correct colors for the piece.

Also played a nice boardgame today called "formula dé". It's a formula 1 racing boardgame haha sound really strange but lots of fun and very strategical. I'm the red car gaining on pole position but eventually finished last, doh!

November 8, 2008


So time for some new work in progress screenshots, right now I'm wokring on the artwork for a Soldier one 7 inch that will be out early 2009, keep your eyes open :)

A few soldier one live photos from this years trästock festival, photos taken by Pär Olofsson

"Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time"

Let the right one in (låt den rätte komma in). This is a new Swedish vampire movie of all the strangest things. But surprisingly this is a really good Swedish movie, I usually can't stand swedish movie except some 90s tv comedy and the masterpieces of Roy Andersson. But I really likes this one. it's based on a best selller and as usuall I guess the book is even better or so I've been told, so I guess I should go read the book now. Go see it if it hits a theater near you. A english speaking remake is allready in the works but I have a hard time beliving that will even come close to this movie.

Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut. This is a story of how Billy Pilgram got unstuck in time. I really like this book, cause I like sciense fiction themed book especially when they consists of timetravel. If you are a fan of the show lost (spoiler alert) this is remakably simular to what happens to desmond in that show in the later parts of season 4. I guess the writters have read the book :) But basicly it's a story about Billy pilgram who is a worldwar veteran, who keeps jumping around in time mentaly one instanse he is in present time the next his back in the war then onto his childhood and so on. Pick it up if you like sci-fi and timetravel stories.

November 2, 2008

sketchbook october

A few sketches from my sketchbook.