July 7, 2011


Finally! My first print is here. I'm so excited. The details on it looks amazing the printers did a great job.
It's screenprinted in 4 colors on 250 grams acid free paper, 50x70cm in size, in a limited edition of 70 copies.
And off cause hand numbered and signed. Check out some photos here below;

Also check out this making of clip of me in the process of drawing the original drawing for the print.
(I will make a post later on about the whole process of making it. stay tuned for that)

If you're interested in a print drop me a line at; iam(at)picnicwithpanic.com
Price; 330 SEK + shipping
p.s. right now I'm focusing on selling them in sweden and working on a webshop solution for worldwide orders.
Also here is a separate site I set up for the prints with bigger pictures; CHAMELEON PORTRAIT

July 4, 2011


Check out the documentary Megunica about Italian artist BLU's Journey through South America. Wired is streaming the movie for free for 30 days.

Check it out HERE, while it's still available.