July 30, 2007

Keep a breast

Found some old pictures of a project I did over a year ago or so. It's a custom painted torso plaster cast for one of the keep a breast auction / art shows to raise money for breast cancer trough art, and education. The show took place in France and was organized by Roxy Quicksilver.

Keep a breast

July 29, 2007

The Dark Knight

Just found a teaser trailer for the new batman movie "the dark knight" I'm so looking forward to this movie, I loved batman begins got me buying comicbooks and seriously wanting to draw my own batman comic I doubt I will ever do that thou but anyway it was verry inspiring for me.

check out the teaser here, not the best teaser I've seen but still I'm glad to see somthing :)

why so serious

scissor fight

Continued painting on the calavera tattoo canvas, it's now 1 am sunday night so I guess I should go to bed now.
The pictures is a bit hard to make out the details in. Anyway I added a hourglass on each side of the scull inside one is a green key in red liquid and in the other a red key in green liquid and their is a scissor for each going to cut it in half. also more details on the scull added and some lines such as lips and chin and some shadows. still more to go.

Listning to the audiobook for the old classic noir "the maltese falcon" really good. Also seen 2 movies this weekend Adaptation and Red dragon seen both of them before but it was years ago, both great films. Looking forward to Charlie Kaufmans new film Synecdoche, New York.

July 26, 2007

Dia de Los Muertos

Started painting yesterday on a painting thats been sitting in my living room for way to long finaly got some time over. anyway far far from finished in this photo but it's gonna be like a tattoo chest piece of a mexican skull with flowers and lots of colors, with a gold dirty background. to be continued...

July 24, 2007

destroy the machines

Inking poster nr 3. This will be a robot with a forest ontop of him trying to get away from the evil forest slaughtering machines. still more to come :)

Hyd(robotics) - inked

I just finished inking the underwater robot illustration, now I just have to vectoris it and color it. and I have one more to go that I'm half way finished inking.
to be continued :)

July 18, 2007

Trästock festivalen torsdag

"growing...! growing...! GROWING...! to be a giant...! to be a monster....! when will it stop?"
"the 10-man army fight terror from the sky!"

Torsdag, Hallen, 19:15

"Thrill-crazed space kids blasting the flesh off humans!"
"born a man...turned into a living laser beam by science's most gruesome experiment!"

Torsdag, Alternativascenen, 21:30

"meet the "beat" daring to live..."

Torsdag, Hallen, 00:30

July 14, 2007


Been sketching on another robot illustration for the silkscreen series coming later this year. This is the underwater piece, I made one before but didn't like the way it turned out so I remade it from scratch now I'm gonna start inking soon. I will put up more pictures when it's starting to look more finished, better, and cleaner :)

July 11, 2007

Ralph Macchio

Some photos I took a few weeks ago when some friends of mine played at pinkerton in Skellefteå, the bands name is Ralph Macchio, after the guy who played karatekid haha

July 9, 2007

the truth about truth serum?

I just finished listening to the audio book version of "lunar park" the latest novel of writer Bret Easton Ellis. I really enjoyed the book even thou it left me rather confused on what did actually happen and what was fiction? as this is set up as a biographical book with Ellis himself as the main character, transforming into a Stephen King like horror story with a haunting house scary toys and fictional characters brought to life. I don't think I've seen a novel like this before where you in the end have no idea if anything you just read is true or not. you should read it and decide for yourself. :)

July 7, 2007


DZR:P live at mullberget, Skellefteå.
Check out their music at myspace


Me and Linus (popcore) working on the logh video, got together all the computers we could find haha.

July 6, 2007

Trästock tshirt

The "Trästock festival" tees arrived today, turned out nice. I will get some better pictures later on.

NK summer party

North Kingdom summer party 2007. Got together the whole gang up in skellefteå last week of june, for the anual summer party befor the holidays. Nice to met the guys from down south again. I didn't get that good pictures but anyway here are some

The new NK tshirts arrived with my design, Here's David poseing happely :)

And we went bowling, great fun.

July 4, 2007

world's end girlfriend

World's end girlfriend has a new album out "hurtbreak wonderland". I loved their last album, best music discovery of last year. check out the new album and all previouse releases they are really really good.

Sylvia Ji

Wow. This are some of the coolest paintings I've seen in a long time by artist Sylvia Ji. She has a solo show right now at the white walls gallery

Also check out this interview with her on youtube


One of the best films I've seen this year so far is "brick". A great detective story set in a film noir style collage environment. Check out the trailer here:
HD trailer