September 14, 2007

Start Today

Ok it's been a long time now with no updates so I thought I would put an end to that :)
Anyway been working on some commerscials together with popcore film that should be aring in norway anyday now I guess, and a HP project at north kingdom that just finished aswell. And I have a whole bunch of personal projects I'm working on but they have been pushed aside for to long now hopefully I will have more time for them the coming months. Animations, illustrations, tshirt prints you name it :)

Any way here are some sketches / comps of a few things I've been working on:

This first one is a owl illustration I'm working on but it's far from complete, I think I will make it into a tshirt print if I get the end result I was looking for. Been really fascinated with owls in a long time now it's about time I did someting with that :)

A portrait of a burglar this is just a rough first look of it, I haven't decided on colors or number of colors or anything like that yet and I'm gonna give him more of a body aswell and some other details. This will probably end up as a tshirt print as well when finished.

And here are a few previews of what I'm working on for upcoming artwork for Soldier one. a lot of abstract planarity explosions and stuff like that, I'm gonna do some animated sequences of that as well I think it will look really cool. The last one is a tribute of the first angel in Neon genesis evangelion, one of the best mecha anime series, I hope weta will start working on the live action adaptation of that for real soon.


Tim Keeling said...

Hi Kenny,
I was researching owls in order to make an animation for some VJ visuals and came across this image on your blog. I read it was unfinished so i looked ahead to more recent posts, and then I got totally addicted to your work and saw everything from this point up to now. thank you for all the inspiring work you have done.

Sadly, I could not find the finished version of the owl, did you ever finish it?

Kenny said...

Hi Tim.
Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you like my work.
I don't think I ever finished that owl, I think I have a more complete version somewhere but don't think I ever finished it, but maybe it's about time I did just that :)

Hope you keep reading the blog and enjoy it. I have been a bit lazy when it comes to posting but I got a bunch of new things coming up soon.

Kind regards // Kenny

Tim Keeling said...

I will keep reading!

If you would like to see how the owl came out, here it is: