September 14, 2007

Positive hardcore positive youth

Man I just got back from a trip to Stockholm. I went to see one of my favorite oldschool bands growing up; Gorilla Biscuits reunion tour, the show was so awsome. I wish all shows where like this. Constant stage dives, singalongs, arms in the air and people filled with joy.

Here are 2 pictures ok my camera is more or less dead by now and I can't almost use it no more it just keeps giving me errors and I had this great video of new direction on it but it wont work. So I guess I should really get a new one soon :) anyway here are 2 pics from the show.

And when I got back home today I found this huge jar of cloudberry jam my parents left me on their way past umeå, this gotta be the biggest jar of cloudberries ever :) But it's the best jam ever so it's gonna be a great autumn haha :)

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