March 17, 2011

Back in business

Hey all. I'm finally back to work and will do my best to kick start this blog back into life again, it's been more or less dead for far to long now, I know. I've been away for about 7 months taking care of my kid, but now I'm back at work again. I will start posting some work from last year that I haven't gotten around to posting yet, I'm also working on some new cool things both animations and illustrations.

Teaser of some new cameleon illustration work. I'm working on getting some prints out there as well. 2011 will hold some nice things, stay tuned.


Tuvilda said...

the kid is still the most beutiful thing you have done, don't you think? (även om dina teckningar är fantastiska, marce hälsar)

Kenny said...

So true! Hälsa tillbaka