November 30, 2009

Under the sea!!

So december is just around the corner, and christmas is getting even closer.
Last week I finished up the new poster for Brrrap!! Brrrap!!
This time we decided on a underwater theme, and I love drawing underwater
creatures. I will do some decorations as well, later on for the event itself,
will post some photos of that when it's done.

Here are a few books I really love and they have been hugely inspiring.
The black one is "the art of finding Nemo", and the grey one is
"Book design of graphic designers in Japan" and last but not least
"the sweetly diabolic art of Jim Flora"

Here's a shot from inside book design of graphic designers in Japan (sorry for the bad quality on these photos, shot with iphone)

Inside the sweetly diabolic art of Jim Flora

And here are a few screenshots of the process:

This is the first like teaser flyer I did 2 or was it 3 weeks ago:

And here's the poster itself:

Close up:

Hope you like it, below are a few wallpapers you can download of the same design:





Gustav Sjöstedt said...

Sjukt snygg flygare!

Anonymous said...
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