February 11, 2009

logh - death to my hometown

I recently started working on a new video for the band Logh
The video will be for the song "death to my hometown" from the album north. And it's going to feature a hungry galactic creature eating up the galaxy. I will post stuff continuously during the process, so here are some early sketches from my moleskine to begin with.

On the left are some planet and moon sketches and on the right some creature sketches.

More creature sketches and some early storyboard sketches.

Some verry early and strange create sketches :)

Intergalactic ice cream cone made out of planets on the left and comet and rock sketches on the right.

One of my first sketches of the caracther.

Here are the storyboards for the video, some scenes are in the wrong order.

Trying out some different styles and textures for the planets.

Polka planet :) (don't know if it's called polka in english...)

First comp test of planets, stars and open space.

More to come so stay tuned :)


Hanna Persson said...

den låten är så bra, säg till om du behöver någon som sitter och gapar förundrat.

Samurai Heart said...

Impressive. I like seeing your train of thought.

Juz said...

It's great. I can't wait to see the end product.