December 24, 2008

a year in soundwaves

2009 is getting closer and closer, so I though I'd make a list of a few of my favorite albums from 2008, Ok I realize some of these are actually from 2007 but they deserve a spot here anyway :)
Ok here goes in no particular order:

GIRL TALK - Feed the animals
I saw Girl talk preform at this years Roskilde festival, and it was so good, feel in love with his mash ups immediately. Mixing everything from popular music from the last 30 years or so. Check out his liveset if you get a chance.

THE FOUNTAIN - Soundtrack
Loved the movie "the fountain" by Darren Aronofsky, and the music by Clint Mansell is equally as good.

BRICK - Soundtrack
Another of my favorite movies "Brick". And the soundtrack here also helps a lot. I love how lo fi it is, some parts made with stick hitting metal pipes and pots and stuff like that. Also check out the behind the scene feature about the soundtrack on the dvd, very inspiring.

COCOROSIE - The adventures of ghosthorse and stillborn
Cocorosie's latest album is easily my favorite. And I love the fact that they have moved more and more towards a lofi hip hop sound on some tracks, ditching the normal singing for rap. I hope this evolution will continue.

Daft punk has always been great and here is a collection of all their best stuff but live. I hope I will get to see them live in a near future, seems to be such an amazing liveact.

WHY? - Alopecia
Been a huge fan of Why? for a long time, but felt kind of disappointed on his last few record they've been good but I loved the old more rough sound he used to have, now it more pop than the old lofi rap. But this record is really great everything is so good, and as always the lyrics! gotta love those lyrics!

WHY? - Alopecia demo
Wow this is probably even better than the album it self :) All tracks from the album but in demo versions. Very rough unpolished versions of the songs. Some are just why? singing into his Dictaphone.

DOSEONE - Skeleton Repellent
Doseone has to be one of the most productive musicians alive. And this is his latest solo album which follows in the footsteps of HA, but gets even better here.

HARAM - Drescher
The first Haram album is one of my favourite albums of all time. I haven't found this follow up to be equally as great but it does come close. Never the less a great band.

THE DARK KNIGHT - Soundtrack
Great teatrical and epic soundtrack, love the opening track. This might even get an oscar we will see.

CAGE - Hell's winter
Probably my most listen to album of this year. Great hiphop produced by El-p. Waiting for a follow up to be released early next year.

Power violence revivalist united nations with members from Converge and Thursday.

CULT OF LUNA - Eternal kingdom
Easily Cult of luna's best album to date. Darker and more epic than before, can't get much better than this.

SNÖRAS - Plague waters
Norway is on a roll. Enegetic and powerfull, a great follow up to their debut record.

MUSCLES - Guns babes lemonade
"Ice cream is gonna save the day!"

THE HOOD INTERNET - Mixtape vol. 2
Mash up kings!
RADIOHEAD - In Rainbows
Best Radiohead album since Kid A.

DOSEONE - Soft skull
A very limited release by Doseone consisting only of poems read by Doseone. Gotta love those poems.

SUBTLE - Yell and ice
A EP from Subtle featuring guest appearances by cLOUDDEAD, TV on the radio

BLOC PARTY - Intimacy
The latest Bloc party record, actually I've just recently started listening to bloc party, love the band and haven't had time to listen to the new record that much yet but what I've heard is great.

Great lofi electronic record released by Anticon.

LUKE STAR - Lake toba
Great band from norway sounds sometime pretty close to Mew from Denmark.

AMPERE - the first five years
Great collection of Ampere's work over the last five years, they have always done really great records, and this is a good place to start if you've never heard them.

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mge said...

Clint Mansell rules.

Not as muchs as Radiohead, though.