June 13, 2008

North Kingdom in Norway

We went to Norway with North Kingdom last week, really nice trip, Norway is so beautiful it's a bit hard to believe that it's so close to Sweden. Anyway here are some photos I took with my not so good but works well for a blog cellphone camera.

We walked around a lot. Hard not to considering we where on an island called Lovund :) the remarks and jokes surrounding the island on the tv show lost where constant :)

superhero mike

Roger looks kind of lost. We where trying to get to the top of the mountain but around here most of us realized we wern't rellay up for it and went back, Roger and Hans somehow finally made it to the top, 600 meter above sealevel.

Beautiful mountains.

Jake enjoying the view.

Henrik and Peter relaxing in the cabin.

And Mathias relaxing in the sun.

On a small boat going to another island. On the left me and Rob. On the right Jake.

I wonder what it's like living like this like 10 houses on a small island.

What a view.

Pretty steap walking/climbing down the another mountain.

I guess this is where Batman lives :)

Me on the left, man I need a haircut bad :), Daniel and mike on the right.

Driving home.

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