May 18, 2008

Last few weeks

Been in Stockholm this week working with a new project for Royal Mail, through North Kingdom, Above is a picture from NK's Stockholm office, Peter's having fun showing of his iPhone, and in the back you can spot a great canvas print by Jon Burgerman. Sorry for the image quality, it's taken with my mobile phone :P

Also went to see a concert with "why?", really nice but you can't help longing for the old days and the hearing older tracks such as "cold lunch". But still picked up a nice cd with demo versions of all songs from his latest album.

Just finished a project together with Erik at "formavd" called, made a 15 second animated spot for the cinema this week, will put up a QT of it when it has been released.

And yeah last but not least a new t-shirt design I'm working on but it's not really finished yet it will probably be reconfigured a few more times before I'm happy with it. Anyway it's called "Edison I've fixed my glasses like new" maybe you can make out the words :)

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