August 8, 2007

the inventor's appendix

Got my order from the Astropitch today.
The latest Subtle 12" on red vinyl. A Themselves tee, and Doseones latest cd "soft skulls" that consists of him reading poems from the forthcoming subtle, themselves, and 13&god records and a few classic poems and a few other things :)
Great stuff anyway, Doseone is by far my favorite poet very inspiring and strange stuff :) I hope he will make a sequel to his book "the pelt" one day, not to far from now.

"the photophobic poet has onehundred dollars to his name
and must go see both the dentist and the therapist.
and both does he desperately need"

/ doseone - the pelt

"twinkle twinkle

There will be no ape with a fire for a face
singing a word like fate while banging a fork on a plate
no gates no stakes no plants that are fake…
just the simple tetrahedron and it's vagina of states.
did you really think that hydrogen was made to make apes…
or maybe made to make an ape to make a net for catching whales in space…

and that's why we whale

I'm crack some ink
hugging the rock
wind wound around bone…
every raindrop calling earthsick."

/ doseone - subtle 2006

1 comment:

andréas said...

Tackar, jag fotade inte Appleforth men tror jag har några bilder från Mullberget-spelningen på datorn.
Blev tvungen att sitta Grindvakt under Soldier One så det missade jag. Får leva på förra spelningen och Hell Mix. Är det några nya saker på G ?

"twinkle twinkle
There will be no ape with a fire for a face..."
Eneby Kurs är så grym. En annan favorit är helt klart Eyewash om man håller sig till Subtle.