July 29, 2007

scissor fight

Continued painting on the calavera tattoo canvas, it's now 1 am sunday night so I guess I should go to bed now.
The pictures is a bit hard to make out the details in. Anyway I added a hourglass on each side of the scull inside one is a green key in red liquid and in the other a red key in green liquid and their is a scissor for each going to cut it in half. also more details on the scull added and some lines such as lips and chin and some shadows. still more to go.

Listning to the audiobook for the old classic noir "the maltese falcon" really good. Also seen 2 movies this weekend Adaptation and Red dragon seen both of them before but it was years ago, both great films. Looking forward to Charlie Kaufmans new film Synecdoche, New York.

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