October 28, 2008

Save the children, illustrations

I just remember that I forgot to post the finished illustrations from my latest project for "save the children" sweden. I was commissioned to produces 1 cover illustration and 5 additional illustrations for a handbook used in discussion groups for young males in school to help them discus diffrent hard to discuse subjects.

I was asked to use alot of colour and I focus on diffrent of discussion topics included in the handbook. So I made these series of illustrations focused around diffrent "clouds" of speach bubbles, thoughts, opinos and questions. I scanned alot of aquarell textures that I used for the coloured segments to get a more flowing and organic feeling to the illustrations.

The faces of the characters where suppose to be rather subtle and unrecognizable, there of no eyes and hair.

This last one is the front cover of the handbook, the right side is the front and then it spreads over to the back on the left. Some additional graphics was later added by the layout designer, such as logos and informative texts about the content not seen in this version.

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