October 21, 2008

Pillar of salt

Continuing the work on the posters adding some elements to one of them cause I felt it was lacking something, getting closer now almost done :)

I've found some nice "articles" about creativity and illustration and work process that I found interesting I though I would share.
First of Jilllian Tamaki's words on idea generation: read here
and one of my favourite illustrators Frank Stockton writting about inspiration and influences: read here


LakerFan said...

Hello, thank you so much for your inspirational work and posting screenshots online. I was looking at your illustrator tool pallet on the left side and noticed 4 icons that are in color. Can I ask what those icons are and how you activated or installed them? It is the icons above the crop button.


kenny said...

Hey sorry for the late reply. The 4 icons are for a illustrator plugin called "Xtream path". I used to do all my vector work in flash because I liked the tools more, some tools that are missing in illustrator such as smothing shapes. So this plug in adds simular tools to illustrator +pattern tools that are really nice. But I've only tried out the demo version of the plugin and didn't have time to test it that much during that period so I don't use it at all right now since it has expiered but it seemd like a nice plugin if you're missing simular tools to the once in flash.

Thanks for the comment

Take care // K