October 12, 2008

linocut part 2

Ok here we go, first off I made the classic pencil trick you use to do as a child with coins, just to check the print to se if more work was needed on it.

Ok getting ready for test printing.

Hmmm ok lets go with blue paint.

Hmmm didn't really turned out so great, guessing to much paint and bad paper, hmm though this would be easier but I guess it will take some testing before getting it just right.

Tryed out some other japanese lino paper later with diffrent paint kind of got better but still not what I was hoping for will have to try again when it has dryed.
to be continued...



Andréas said...

Kul att du börjat uppdatera så frekvent!

Vad kostar materialet till linoleumtrycket?

Andréas said...

Det var ju inte alls så farligt, får kanske kolla upp det där med golven skulle nog spara in mycket pengar om det fungerade hjälpligt. Jag är mest sugen på screentryck men det är lite dyrt känner jag för en fattig student.