July 3, 2009

Telenor animation

A few months ago I worked on this Telenor commercial as a animator / character designer.
If you live in Sweden you have probably seen it several times on tv.
It was directed by my friends over at Popcore for Acne film.
The model city/railroad was built by Mats Sahlström (Eljest film) and Anders Hellström (Manick Produktion) And the stop-motion animations was done by dockhus animation.

I made the short animation in the beginning of the knight and princess.
Here are some sketches from my sketchbook:


Lauren said...

the advert is brilliant, nice to see your sketches as well, cool work :)

Stina Norgren said...

jahaaaaaa, så de var du som gjorde den. Sluta vara så duktig hela tiden Kenny, får ju typ ångest :)