March 1, 2009

Brrrap!! Brrrap!!

Me and 3 friends are starting up a club in a few week first event will be at the 14th of march so if you're in Umeå that evening be sure to drop by and dance to some heavy tunes.
It will be called "Brrrap!! Brrrap!!" a british slang term that has it's root in the uk garage scene or as urban dictionary says:
"Brap!! - A sound uttered when a heavy tune comes on usually heard in garage raves.
Combine with gunfingers for best results.

"brap! brap!"
"Aw big tune mandem!! Braaaaap!!!""

There's a blog on it's way but not much on it right now but more stuff coming, so keep your eyes open; Brrrap!! Brrrap!! blog

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Mats Sahlström said...

grymt !

Underbar affisch !!!