July 12, 2008

eeeh excuse me have you got any swedish postcards

Me and Maria went to the Netherlands and Denmark on vecation to visit my sister, her husband and their 2 kids and on the way home we attended the roskilde festival.
On our travels we played some hangman on peoples faces to pass the time.

- Well hello mr tourist where are you off to?

Found this nice model trainset at a train station in Germany, love the minigolf course :)

After a lot of different trains we finally arrived in Groningen, where we stayed for a week. And we found this really nice art exhibition at the local art museum, the exhibition was about Chinese art, this sculpture was called "girl with golden skull standing on kidney" or something like that :), great exhibition by the way, some more pics bellow here.

Love these painting by Zang Xiaogang , really inspiring.

These books had a funny story. A artist made up his own written language based on chines writing but he made 4000 of his own symbols and wrote this 4 books, that no one could read, so when they first where exhibited in china the government went crazy thinking it contained some secret message they could not read/control.

Oh my god! it's a huuuuuge skeleton.

Me and Kajsa, my sisters 4 month old daughter.

Big eyes!

Love this children's book, so funny.

HAHAHA this is probably the strangest and funniest painting I've ever seen. there's like a magician trying to force away a cat demon, and the fact that it is painted in like 1850 is just really strange and cool, would love to learn more about why this was painted.

Yeah by the way this was at a museum in Amsterdam that only contained paintings and sculptures of cats hahaha set in a really nice house with alot of old funrniture and wallpapers and huge curtains. If you're ever in amsterdam and like cats you should check it out.

We found 3 of the 5 cats who lived in the museum sleeping on a sofa.

Give us peeeeeas!

Maria and Tove.

Roskilde skate park.

Fell asleep in the tent after a long day in the 29 degress hot sun.

I guess we weren't the only ones waiting for radiohead :)

Gnarls barkley.

Girl Talk, one of the very best shows at roskilde, crazy fun dancing. You should check out the concert on youtube or check out some of his stuff at myspace.

Waiting for the train home at Copenhagen train station.

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