January 19, 2008

Recording session

We recorded 13 new soldier one, songs during the holidays. Or well everything but the guitar. Lots of fun, but I had a huge cold and drank the and juice all day long and I manage to save my throat ok even thou the continuous screaming.

ssssssurgeon please...

The equipment, all you need a computer, a microphone, kaoss pad 2, and metavox vocoder :)

Diiiiiiistorting vocals :)

Making crazy sounds with the kaoss pad.

Sneak peak at some lyrics, crazy ramblings, quotes, and stolen phrases, and mathematics.

ok maybe it's time for a break, and watch some "curb your enthusiasm" :)

And we're done :) Ok there's still guitar, and mixing, and then mastering to be done so I'm guessing it's a few months away still...

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